Ready for the Future

SACD READY – we make CD-audios as well as Hi-End SACD (Super Audio CD) albums with DSD (Direct Stream Digital) stream. Sampling rate is from 2.8 MHz to multiple of it (CD-audio – 44.1 kHz)

SURROUND READY – we are able to make surround sound recordings. We provide 5.1 microphone recording setup, software full supporting multichannel processing (up to 8 channels per track, all plugins as well), control room with 5.1 calibrated monitoring system. Surround sound can be used in SACD, DVD-Audio and DVD-Video.

ANALOG SOUND – all our digital processing is made with 64-bit fp (floating point) accuracy audio engine. The output master file gives full analog sound impression in opposite to typical digital processing called “cold” by many audiophiles.

TIDAL, IDAGIO READY – the quality of our production, from recording sessions to processing and making audio files (flac, aac+, mp3) meets requirements of audiophile streaming services as Tidal or Idagio (up to 192 kHz/24 bit) without upsampling.

VINYL – all albums can be released as vinyl LPs pressed in audiophile quality pressing plants. Special kind of mastering is applied to the recording.

THE NEWEST RECORDING TECHNIQUES – we are hungry for all technical news and innovations. From time to time we are taking part in interesting experiments – sometimes very scientific and serious, sometimes really stupid 🙂 In the same time we are very serious about industry standards.

Recording sessions of baroque music, with additional fun of some Immersive Sound capturing.
Microphone matrix with MS processing for long distance sound capturing. Opera recording needs extraordinary solutions.
AGH University of Science and Technology, Vibroacoustics Department, Recording Studio – testing innovative spatial recording technique.
Well, I don’t know how that photo got here. I don’t know the dog either. Nice guy anyway 🙂