Flores Rosarum

Joyful recording sessions with Flores Rosarum singing Hildegard von Bingen – phenomenon of medieval music, poetry and philosophy. The CD album will be released May 2019.

Dittersdorf, Romberg, M. Haydn

Announcement – period instruments Trio album. Capella Cracoviensis co-production. Jacek Dumanowski – vla, Agnieszka Oszańca – vc, Grzegorz Frankowski – cb. Michael Haydn, Karl von Dittersdorf, Bernhard Romberg. CD to be released until the end of the year.

Find us on Idagio

The partnership agreement with Idagio is to be signed. Idagio is streaming service oriented to classical music genre. Instead of artist, song, album search, you can find the composer, composition, conductors, orchestras, instrumentalists, singers. User environment is more than friendly for classical music lover. Lossless audio files and streams are delivered in much better than…

Ready for the Future

SACD READY – we make CD-audios as well as Hi-End SACD (Super Audio CD) albums with DSD (Direct Stream Digital) stream. Sampling rate is from 2.8 MHz to multiple of it (CD-audio – 44.1 kHz) SURROUND READY – we are able to make surround sound recordings. We provide 5.1 microphone recording setup, software full supporting…